Biennal 2017

The first edition of MOVIMENTA, a biennial dedicated to the moving image, will be held from 27 October to 26 November 2017, in Nice. Initiated by L’ECLAT, MOVIMENTA explores the different forms of audiovisual art in their relation to the creative economy and technological innovation. MOVIMENTA has three dimensions: a new international prize for young artists, a forum of art and technology, and an urban festival with an array of works in the public space, exhibitions in contemporary art venues, a “salon of galleries,” and a programme of artists’ films, experimental cinema and art videos.

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MOVIMENTA is a programme dedicated to the moving image. For all those for whom the moving image and its expressive forms are at the centre of their artistic, critical and technical work. Aimed at bridging between technicians, artists, professionals, thinkers and their potential audience. Pledged to encompass every audiovisual manifestation of contemporary art and modern technology. MOVIMENTA creates opportunities for encounters, potential partnerships, and production involving actors from all kinds of backgrounds.


The Latest articles

The French model of cinema

In 2014, 258 movies produced in France were watched by a total of 208 million viewers. These unprecedented numbers in Europe place France 4th in film production, behind India, China and the United States. Read More

The fixed shot

A shot can be measured as one filming unit. A piece of time/space recorded without interruption, starting when a recording device is triggered (camera, camcorder, cellphone, computer) and ending when it stops. Read More

Welcome to the world of the moving image

by Patrice Maniglier

Art is not a domain of particular things; it is a particular manner of doing things. Almost anything can be done artistically. This is why contemporary artists have invested the world. Art is not a separate reality or some sort of heaven, the top floor of culture’s paradise; it is a way of twisting Earth’s reality, the introduction of a wandering difference, the free mobilisation of new powers. Read More

Cinema on the French Riviera

Film is one of the most powerful communicative mediums that helped raise awareness about a country or a city. The French Riviera has inspired various forms of artistic expression, resulting in aesthetic currents that contributed to vitalising Art as an experience. Directors travelled from all around the world to film in the region. Read More

The Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is the most important cinematographic event, both for its commercial reach in terms of movies propagation and promotion at the international level and the artistic prizes at stake: the festival helps discover and establish directors by mapping out the status of cinema and the current state of the world. This unique Festival offers to the cinema industry a scene... Read More

The Close-up Shot

Within the different shot sizes, the close-up shot has a special status. The Legend, reported (or dreamed) by Jean-Luc Godard, says that the famed American moviemaker David Wark Griffith was “taken by the beauty of his actress to such an extent that he invented the close-up to better stare at the details”. The close-up sculpts the cinematographic shape and gives it its strengths. Its history follows. Read More


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