3 questions à... Maria Fedorova

Les Musées sont des lieux d’exposition, de culture, de passage, de création, de loisir, de travail, de tourisme, de restauration, de découverte… C’est parce qu’ils sont tout cela à la fois que Museeum leur consacre leur site afin de guider les curieux et visiteurs vers les expériences les plus marquantes proposées par les plus beaux musées tout autour de la planète.

Partenaire du Festival MOVIMENTA, Museeum va participer à questionner les technologies de l’image au service du patrimoine et de la culture lors des Rencontres Art & Technologie dans une table-ronde le Vendredi 10 novembre à 9h30 au sein de la CCI Nice Côte d’Azur.
Nous avons posé "3 questions à" Maria Fedorova, responsable de communication et éditeur de livres sur museeum.com.
[Interview en anglais.]

1. How do you see the relationship between Art & Technology?

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “art and technology” is a series of performances “9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering” in 1966, a historical example of the collaboration between artists and engineers. Decades later it is still fascinating, what artists like Whitman, Rauschenberg, Deborah Hayes created, the works that would have never emerged unless the contribution of scientists and engineers.
We no longer look at Art and Technology as two separate concepts. We are witnessing an interesting shift towards inclusiveness in media arts dictated by cultural economy: a shift where media art is merging with scholarly research, industry and government initiatives.

2. How do you integrate both in your work?

Definitely, both occupy a big part in my work. I hold a degree in Media Theory and Interactive Arts. For the past 5 years I’ve been researching the history of new media. I’ve been fascinated by collaborations between artists and scientists, which in many ways informed my current work. I have organized media art festivals, workshops, co- curated media art exhibitions. I continue writing and publishing at media art conferences because this field is changing constantly. At Museeum (www.museeum.com) we write a lot about most recent tendencies in museums’ innovations, public and education programs that are largely affected by advancements in technology. This is the area that we want to keep exploring. It fascinates me and I am hoping to witness where this synthesis of technology and education will take us.

3. What is the technology that you are dreaming about?

I am more interested how artists repurpose and appropriate innovative technologies in ways that have never been explored before. At the same time, I am more and more concerned about the technology attaining too much place in our lives. I saw a talk by John Giannandrea from Google who argued that there was nothing to fear about AI and machine learning. While being fascinated by diverse capabilities of AI, the ethics is overlooked and neglected on many levels. I guess the answer to this question will be: a conscious or, if you wish, mindful application of the rapidly developing technologies. I am hoping to see big companies and, more importantly, governments recognize the proliferation of AI and see its downsides.